Birthday Tournaments

Having a knight party?  Want to integrate authenticity and education into your child's special day?  Then the Medieval Dude is the perfect addition to your party plans.

In the Medieval times, every tournament had two sides, each led by a nobleman: the challengers and the defenders.  The person holding the tournament had to supply the land to fight on, wooden swords and food for the fighters.  Any man from the town could participate, but he had to sign up weeks in advance.  At the end of the tournament, a big party wth prizes was held. 

The standard tournament package includes 60-minutes of education with The Medieval Dude in fully-functional presentation armor (not full plate armor, which is too constricting to efficiently do, well... anything!).​

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Custom favors, activities and add-ons can be negotiated on an individual basis. 

Age Requirement


To ensure safety for all attendees, the birthday child must be celebrating his/her sixth birthday at the youngest, and most if not all attendees should be of similar age.  Children younger than five are not allowed to participate in the tournament of games.​



Tournament prices start at $300 for the standard 60-minute event, plus 30 minutes of both set-up and tear down.  Prices depend on your venue,  show length, travel, and date availability. We serve most of Southern California, however travel fees ($35-$50) may apply to  Los Angeles, San Bernardino, Riverside, San Diego and Imperial counties.

Reserve a party for your child today by calling 949-607-6283 or e-mail us.  We accept all major credit cards.  

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